Mortgage Renewal

Is your mortgage coming up for renewal?

It’s time to consider your options before signing your renewal form and sending to the bank.

Renewal forms don’t always offer the most competitive rates. Laurie will ensure that you are shown the best possible options when your mortgage renewal date approaches.

As your mortgage broker, Laurie Tinkler can find the lending institution with the best rates and terms to suit your needs. Contact Laurie up to 120 days before your renewal date, which will give her a chance to do all the necessary research and paperwork at no cost or obligation to you.

When your already qualified mortgage comes up for renewal Laurie Tinkler can help you work this favoured position to your advantage when it comes time to negotiate terms.

If your mortgage isn’t up for a while and you would like to get a renewal reminder email from Laurie send an email now with your information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • The maturity date of your mortgage